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Moses And Balaam On Mount Nebo

Two people stood on Mount Nebo and saw the organized camp of the 12 tribes. Both were very much impressed.
Both of them had visions of the present Israel as well as the spiritual end time Israel.
Both of them died here.
Let us begin with Balaam. He used to be a prophet like Moses but the he became an apostate. He was hired by the Moabite king called Balak to curse Israel.
But instead of cursing Israel words of blessing poured from his lips. “Let me die the death of the righteous, And let my end be like his!” Numbers 23:10
He saw the end time spiritual Israel how some of them would die, and this vision caused him to pray: “Let me die the death of the righteous.”
On one occasion he uttered the following prophecy:
Numbers 24:17 “I see Him, but not now;
I behold Him, but not near;
A Star shall come out of Jacob;
A Scepter shall rise out of Israel,
And batter the brow of Moab,
And destroy all the sons of tumult.
Poor Balaam was the cause of the death of 24,000 Israelites whom he invited to sensual worship. He was killed with the other king who died for their sins is leading Israel astray.
Here on Mount Nebo Moses looked down to the camp of Israel.
His heart was bleeding. He wanted to enjoy the climax of the 40 years of desert wanderings. He wanted to taste the victory of crossing the Jordan into the Promised Land with his people.
But then our Comforting Lord showed Moses another Canaan. The land where there will be no parting, no death. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Moses died at 1500 at the time of the evening sacrifice. He was resurrected early on Sunday morning.
If you were standing here on Mount Nebo what would you have witnessed down in the valley?
The splendour, the glory, the singing of angelic choirs as they pierced the darkness of the specific night.
They were on their way to witness the very first resurrection in the history of this world. What was going to happen to Moses was a type of what would happen when Jesus comes to our planet a second time.
There was another prince with a host of angels at the tomb of Moses. They were guarding their treasured trophy. They objected to Jesus coming down to raise Moses from their dark prison of death.
But Jesus did not enter into a conversation with the devil. He called Moses to come forth from the tomb.
What a moment. They entire universe looked at the first miracle where someone who died was resurrected to live.
Can you imagine the embrace when Jesus grabbed His dear friend in His arms? Can you see the surprised look on the face of Moses?
For the first time He sees Christ in all His glory without dying?
My dear friend can you imagine your resurrection when Jesus comes to translate you into a sinless, immortal person? Can you imagine the joy to seeing Jesus and the Father with smiles on their faces?
What happened here at Nebo is a type of what will happen when Jesus will the righteous dead to life.
Seven centuries later another miracle took place at the same place. Elijah and his assistant Elisha were walking to the place where Moses was resurrected.
Suddenly the glory of heaven was displayed. A chariot of fire, of glory, and horses of fire came down to pick up Elijah. He was taken to heaven in style.
At that very moment he received immortality and a sinless nature.
Type – antitype?

Updated on 21st Mar 2022

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