17. Moses – Part 1


Before I tell you about Moses, the greatest genius of antiquity, just a little lesson from the life of a famous pharaoh.

Senefru started out and built his first pyramid. The Black Pyramid was a total disaster.

What should he do? Give up or try again?

He tried again. This time he had a little more success. But as you can see, the Bent Pyramid was another failure. By this time Pharaoh Senefru spent a fortune on two failures. What should he do? Give up or try again?

I am so glad Senefru tried again. Here you are looking at the red pyramid of Senefru. Perseverence is the master of defeat.

If you are despairing, think of Senefru. Get yourselve a new dream and start working on it.

Walter and Francois says: Perserverance is the master of defeat.

The success story does not end here. His son was inspired by his father’s perseverence. And today when you visit Giza you stand in awe at the grandeur of the pyramid of Kufu – the biggest ever built.

Someone is watching your performance.

Someone wants you to inspire them with your perseverence.

Ask God to help you to keep on trying and never quit.

Did you know that pyramids were used as burial places for the Pharaohs? But this is a very expensive way to bury people. And when it became to costly, they started to bury people in the valley of the kings down at Luxor.

In this presentation I want to spend a few moments on the life of Thutmosis I. Archaeologists identified his tomb recently. He was the first pharaoh to be buried in the valley of the kings. Where does he fit into the Bible narative?

Every time I visit the Karnak temple at Luxor, I think about the history of the time of Moses. Thutmosis I became king in 533 BC. when Aaron was born. Three years later Moses was born in 530 BC.

You can read more about the mighty deeds of this pharaoh on his obelisk. His daughter Hatshepsut also erected an obelisk in the temple of Karnak where she tells her story.

It is quite an experience to visit her Mortuary temple at Deir el Bahri. One of the most impressive structrues in Egypt.

I got so excited when I came across this relief. You are looking at the relief of the wife of Thutmosis I. She is three months pregnant with her daughter Hatshepsut.

She was the princess who discovered the little Hebrew baby in the Nile and saved the life of Moses.

This is such an exciting story that I am going to continue with it. We are going to identify all the pharaohs who featured in the life of Moses.

I am going to take you to the tomb of the Pharaoh who drowned in the red sea. He and Moses spend quite a few years together in the Egyptian royal palace.

You will also be introduced to Amenhotep II whose eldest boy died in the tenth plague.

Then we have the exciting story of Thutmosis IV. You will hear his account of how the sphinx spoke to him and what he told the young prince.

Please dont miss out on the exciting story of the greatest Pharaoh in Egyptian history. And please dont miss out on the exciting story of the greatest genius of antiquity, Hapimoses, who changed his name to Moses.

In a unique way you are going to see how Moses was a type of the Greater Moses who delivered His people from the Egyptian bondage of sin.

Updated on 21st Mar 2022

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