33. Ungrateful


One of life’s pleasures, is discovering new things. It produces a happy feeling of accomplishment.

Let me start with the Biblical site of Tadmor, modern Aleppo. People come from all over the world to see the desert sunrises and sunsets.

Voices of calm speak to you when you see the sun sets. I often do this on a Friday afternoon when I welcome the peaceful hours of the Sabbath.

We hired a very old taxi to take us to the border of Abu Kamal between Syria and Iraq. On our way we visited the ancient site of Mari.

What an experience to walk amongst the ruins of a recently discovered ancient civilization. King Simri-Linn who ruled here had 300 rooms in his palace.

A Babylonian king by the name of Hamurabi, destroyed the city of Mari in 1750 BC. This Sumerian name means: “Calm down my lord.” Ladies if your husband gets a little excited, just say to him Hamurabi. All men are intelligent, and he will know what to do. Calm down immediately.

When you visit the Louvre in Paris, you can visit his statue. He was a great law giver and it is quite interesting to read about the fair and unfair laws of this great Babylonian king.

It was here at Sinai that another law was given by another Law Giver. There is no law in antiquity that can compare to God’s law as far as fairness is concerned.

When the French archaeologist excavated the site of ancient Susan the found the statue in three pieces and mended it again.

When you visit the ancient site of Babylon where this king lived, you see a replica of the statue of Hamurabi him near the city. When Xerxes destroyed Babylon in 480 BC. he took the statue to Susan where the French discovered it.

It is quite possible that queen Esther saw this important statue that her husband brought from Babylon.


Archaeologists discovered some 20,000 clay tablets from the archives of the royal palace. It is quite possible that Abraham visited this flourishing and brilliant city.

When one reads the messages on these clay tablets you get some very interesting insights of the world of Abraham. The Eshnunna law code which protected the weak was also discovered here.

Updated on 21st Mar 2022

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