27. Moses – Part 12

MOSES – 12

I Must tell you that it is quite an experience to visit the Egyptian museum in Berlin and look at this beautiful queen.

It is impossible to only take one picture of her. You have to photograph her from all positions.

Before showing the secret of a happy marriage, we have to explain what Atenism is all about. Whenever you see the sun disk with sunrays coming down to people, you know that this is Atenism.

Akhenaten and Nefertiti did not worship the sun disk; they worshiped the unseen Creator God. The sun disk was only the symbol through which the invisible Creator God poured out his blessings.

This beautiful relief illustrates it. Look at the sunrays. What do you see at the end of each sunbeam? Hands which tell us that God supports us.

But look at the two on the left and the two on the right. What do you see? The ankh, symbol of life. In other words we are dependent on God not only for giving us life, but also supporting us. What a beautiful sermon on total dependence upon God.

Archaeologists excavated a beautiful hymn he wrote concerning the Creator and His creation. I will just read you a few of the 150 lines.

What is so amazing about this hymn is the fact that 17 lines correspond with 17 lines of Psalms 104.

Listen to these thoughts, which correspond with the Bible verses of Psalms 104 as you look at his bust:

“You created the earth as you wished, when you were by yourself before mankind, all cattle and kine, all beings on land, who fare upon their feet, and all beings in the air, who fly with their wings. You created them all.”

Look at this! The queen kisses one of her daughters. This was something new and strange in Egyptian culture. But the message was clear. Kiss your child.

Can you see the ankh? It says that God also creates tender emotions like motherly love. Mothers and fathers kiss and hug your children. Touch them. Do everything humanly possible to save your family.

It appears that the religion of Akhenaten gave him a mature outlook on life and self acceptance. “Accept your bodily defects” he said. If you have a potbelly, so what? Allow the artists to portray you as you really are, he says.

He introduced a new word in Egypt called Maat, which means TRUTH. If you cannot change yourself, accept yourself. Akhenaten says, “A smile on a wrinkled face looks far better than a frown on a face-lift.”

What really matters, says Akhenaten, is not what you look like but how kind you are to others. People will remember your kindness and forget about your physical shortcomings.

Akhenaten and Nefertiti chose to display the beauty of family relationships rather than material achievements. Here you are looking at three of their six daughters, Meritaten, Meketaten and Ankesenpaten. Dad kisses one of his daughters and mother Nefertiti holds one of them close to her heart.

Just look at this exceptional relief. Two sisters relating to one another in a loving way. Father Akhenaten and mother Nefertiti say that a happy home is far more precious than all the wealth and splendour of Egypt.

May dear friend. Let us spend more time with our precious loved ones. Let’s show one another a little more affection. Let our homes be a little heaven on earth. Speak gently to one another. And please. Let us touch one another more frequently

Archaeologists found this broken relief. I am going to challenge the men to do what Akhenaten did. It could make your marriage a little heaven on earth. Don’t miss out on this presentation.

Updated on 21st Mar 2022

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