28. Moses – Part 13


If you need a good thrill, a healthy thrill, read the Bible in the light of archaeology. If you do it, you will appreciate God’s Word much more.

As you study the Bible you will feel like kneeling down and worship Him as did the ancients in this Egyptian relief.

We are rapping up on the exciting story of the first monotheistic royalty in Egyptian history. I do hope that the archaeologists would find more information about Akhenaten and Nefertiti.

Just look at this broken clay tablet. Here we have Akhenaten with his wife Nefertiti on his lap. She has a beautiful pleaded dress on.

Akhenaten says men appreciate well dressed women. Get her on your lap. But Nefertiti also has some one on her lap. Can you see the tiny feet?

What else do you notice? A combination bouquet of flowers and fruit.

Men. Did you get the message? Can I challenge you to do the same. Even if your wives are overweight. You’ll survive. And if your children are not too big ladies, get the on your lap.

Men. Put your arms around your wife and children and tell them how much you appreciate and love them. And tell them that they are the most precious possession you have.

The ancient formula for a meaningful relationship was a gentle touch. What a simple, easy way to create meaningful and lasting relationships.

The religious reforms of Akhenaten and Nefertiti were more than Egypt could tolerate. But thanks to dedicated archaeologists who uncovered their past. No one will ever be able to destroy these messages of kindness, love and consideration they left behind.

While sculptors were busy on the second bust of Nefertiti, she and her husband, Akhenaten were murdered. Why? Because they believed in the cosmic sleep and not in the immortality of the soul;

Murdered because they did not build their tombs on the western side of the Nile like all the other pharaohs did, but on the eastern side.
They were put to death because they dared to believe in Maat, the Egyptian name for truth. I bring honour to this great couple.

I enjoy listening to stories about families. In my research on the history of the six princesses I made an interesting discovery.

In Syria there is a place called Ras Shamra. After digging at this site archaeologists discover it to be the ancient site of Ugarit.

When I visited this site I thought of degrading kind of religion these people practiced. It is too vulgar to mention in public.

One of the wicked kings who reigned here was called Nikmadou. The annals tell us that he married one of the six daughters of Akhenaten en Nefertiti.

When I read this I thought of how gracious God is. He sends someone with a pure religion and high moral values to one of the most wicked kings of the day to tell them of a better way of living.

He did the same thing with the wicked city of Nineveh. God loves people and He wants to save them. He challenges you and me to have the same attitude.

Let us be kind to people and let them see through our actions, that God loves them and that He wants to save them.

In our next presentation we will hear more about the famous Tutankamun. Did you know that he changed his name from Tutankaten to Tutankamun? You cannot afford to miss the next presentation.

Updated on 21st Mar 2022

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